“In our business, being organised is central to everything we do. Streamline helps all of us keep organised, stay focused and get the job done.”

Streamline 4 Debuts with Flying Colours at GBM Auditors
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 15:36

Streamline 4 Debuts with Flying Colours at GBM Auditors

After more than 2 years of development, thousands of lines of code and lots of anguish, we are proud to announce that the Streamline 4 task management system has been installed and is running happily at GBM Accountants & Auditors, its first client. The installation went surprisingly smoothly and training was done within two hours. After a days' usage, Warren Butt, B.Compt (Hons) CA (SA), senior partner at GBM, had this to say:

"Warren : 13 Feb 18:17 : Pieter, na die eerste dag moet ek se jou system kook." (verbatim quote in Streamline 4, loosely translated as:  "Pieter, after one day I must tell you that the system rocks.")

We were especially pleased at how easily the users took to it; Judging from the lack of support questions since the training, and the quick uptake, we believe that the new interface is achieving one of the primary goals of the redevelopment: To make Streamline user-friendly and intuitive.

GBM approached us a few months ago because of their frustration at not being able to keep track of ongoing audits and client requests. They had tried everything, from weekly meetings, to tasks in Microsoft Outlook. We hope they will be happy with their decision to go with Streamline, and wish them all the best.