"Everything we need to run our business - information, resources, documents, emails are in one central location. Everything we are doing and all communication with our clients is kept in one place, which allows us to manage our campaigns effectively, ultimately servicing our clients better."

The task as communication broker

Streamline seamlessly integrates with email, fax, SMS and web-site based solutions allowing users to communicate ‘outside’ your company, or for external parties to communicate ‘into’ your business.

External communications entering your business via email, fax, sms and web are imported into Streamline and tasks are automatically created, with the relevant documents attached.  With Streamline you are also able to mass communicate by simply selecting a target audience, supply a template, and sms, fax or email them!

Another huge benefit of integrating communication into Streamline is that you constantly have an automated and centralised record of any communiqués that happen in your business.

With Streamline, you overcome the problem of paperwork being lost or ending up with the wrong person - and the balls which get dropped as a result.

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