“I too am also more productive because I can login to Streamline through my mobile and attend to critical tasks while I am on the move.”

Hardware and platforms

For effective deployment we recommend that Streamline is hosted on a dedicated server that will be set up and administered by ISD. The server will run a Microsoft operating system (OS) and have specifications as detailed below. Furthermore a second (lower specification) server is required as a host for the sms and fax integration. This server will operate on Linux and is also set up and administered by ISD.

Microsoft Windows Web 2003 is utilised.


Dedicated stand-alone Streamline web server with motherboard & network card, 1 GB Ram, 2 x 80GB HD.

Linux server software will be installed into a virtual machine session on the Streamline web server . This virtual machine operates both the Fax & SMS gateways.

Supply and install Hylafax modem for fax gateway

Supply and install Wavecom industrial cell phone with cable for the SMS gateway.

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