“Being able to manage tasks and view what is happening and has happened with any client or staff member at any time is especially important to us. Consultants on the road or working from home are easily monitored and tasks are completed timeously.” Heila Nel, QSI Brokers

What does it Cost to have my Business Streamlined?

The No-Obligations-Shared-Risk Rental Model


Our preferred method of rolling out Streamline is based on a rental approach, and specifically on a monthly 'per user' fee. It is low risk for you, because we do not insist on long term contracts. We do however insist on training your staff - at no charge!)

The rental approach is fully inclusive and has everything you need to get going, and stay going:

  • Unlimited Support; All telephonic support is included as long as you rent.
  • Unlimited Training; Training is the key to success of any system. We don't just offer free training, we insist on it: Training is not optional.
  • No long term contracts! If it works, we keep on doing it! Otherwise you call it a day.
  • Hosting of the solution on our servers. NB that this item might not apply if you opt for self-hosting on your servers.
  • Continued Upgrades; Streamline is constantly being improved and developed. New versions, front ends etc, all included.

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Low-cost Contract Option

If you love the product as much as we do, taking out a 12-month contract with us can reduce your costs by up to 30%.   Contract terms are simple and provide you with peace of mind that you will receive ongoing support and service at a lower price.  

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The What-You-See-is-What-You-Get Cash Purchase Option

We have recently introduced an outright purchase alternative. The cash purchase option is more flexible in that you can choose the amount of support, training and upgrades you require on an ongoing basis. It will work our more economical in the longer term, whereas the rental option will deliver more value ultimately. Please note that the cash purchase option is not available to clients that have been renting for less than a year.

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Sliding Scale


For both the rental and cash option the price comes down the more users you put onto the system. We would like to urge clients to roll Streamline out throughout their companies; the better the collaboration the more productive the team becomes.

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Customisation and Consultation


One of the powerefull features of Streamline is how easy and quick it is to build the solution you need with the building blocks provided in the base system. We help you do so. Customisation and consultation is charged for at an hourly rate and is quoted for before any such work is undertaken.

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Hardware and Environment Costs versus Hosting


As Streamline is a web based application (allowing you to work from anywhere), it needs to run off a web server that is available and visible to its users. There are many permutations in this regard and the ideal solution will depend on the geographical spread of your team (are they all in the same building or working from home, on the road or from all over the world?). Cost of connectivity and security might also be considerations. We can host your solution for you or you might opt for your own server which is located in a data centre, or on site on your premises.

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