Hiring with the aid of Streamline Print
Sunday, 12 October 2008 23:06

When recruiting new staff, the pitfalls of labour legislation needs to managed like any other risk in your organisation.  Streamline can help you ensure that standardised processes are followed and consistent decision making is applied, minimising the risk of a call from the CCMA!

Many employers have lost cases on the basis of discrimination due to the fact that the appointment process was flawed.  Any perceived discrimination can result in an organisation having to pay compensation or hire the applicant for the position.  Accurate records and standardised processes can protect an organisation from claims of discrimination.

So, how then can Streamline help you?

The example is as follows:

An advert is placed in the chosen newspapers and online, giving an email address for all CV's to be sent to.  This email address is handled through Streamline and a customised process is run against each and every application which is received.  Standardised information is captured eg. qualifications, work experience, relevant skills, etc.  This allows for an accurate means of sifting the applications and ensuring that suitably qualified candidates are not missed.  Automated responses can also be built in to confirm receipt of the applications and later on, to send out the necessary declines.

If any issues are raised or the CCMA is approached, the information is stored in Streamline and can be retrieved as necessary.