Linking Tasks and Goals to Strategy Print
Sunday, 23 August 2009 21:30

Business starts with a Vision and Mission - whether it is a formal statement that has been developed consultatively with staff or the ideal of the entrepreneur who started the business, successful enterprises have an ideal towards which they strive.

Strategic planning is based on this vision and mission - giving direction to the business and breaking the vision and mission into its components to plan on how the business will move towards its vision over time.

However, the crux of achievement is the actual goals and tasks which happen on a day-to-day basis.  The processes we follow and the actual behaviour of the staff within the business actually determine our end state.  How then do we tie the Strategic direction to the actual activities which happen to ensure that our Vision is achieved?

Streamline provides the opportunity to standardise and define day-to-day functions within the business, track and monitor every activity and thus provides a platform which can be utilised in managing your strategic plan.  Thus, when implementing a system such as Streamline, the business goals and strategy are important aspects to consider. 

By managing the actual tasks and achievement of targets and goals, the strategic plan can be achieved but only if the tasks or actions are in alignment with the end goal.  For example, if your Vision is to be the leader in your industry in innovative solutions, focusing on cost effectiveness and reducing costs and prices may not be the best way to achieve your goal, although it makes good business sense.  Thus, the priority when designing your processes and procedures is to ensure that these are in alignment with your Strategic plan and vision.