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Friday, 09 October 2009 10:59

Task scheduling and task management are the key to getting things done.   There is a story about a man who approached JP Morgan, held up an envelope, and said, “Sir, in my hand I hold a guaranteed formula for success, which I will gladly sell you for $25,000.” “Sir,” JP Morgan replied, “I do not know what is in the envelope, however if you show me, and I like it, I give you my word as a gentleman that I will pay you what you ask.”

The man agreed to the terms, and handed over the envelope. JP Morgan opened it, and extracted a single sheet of paper. He gave it one look, a mere glance, then handed the piece of paper back to the gent. And paid him the agreed-upon $25,000. 


The following was written on that piece of paper:

  1. Every morning, write a list of the things that need to be done that day.
  2. DO THEM.

It may seem simple enough advice but most of us find it difficult to even begin with the list.  Emails, telephone calls, people stopping by your office or desk all tend to derail your plans for the day.  Streamline is a tool which brings all those requests together into one product, allowing you to schedule the tasks that come in and then go about the process of dealing with them.  We don't necessarily believe that all the tasks and communications which land up on your desk are necessary for you to do.  We therefore add one more step to the two above.  After going through your tasks on Streamline every morning make the following decision about each one - either DUMP it, DELEGATE it, REDIRECT it or, if none of the others apply, DO it.

The next morning, when you get in, the process starts over.  However, unlike a written list or post-it notes, Streamline doesn't disappear under a pile of paperwork.  Tasks are clear, deadlines are set and accountability is inherent.  By making Streamline the core of your day, utilising it to keep track of everything you do from following up on a lead to invoicing your client, not only are you able to track tasks, they actually get DONE!  

Imagine this powerful principle being applied by everyone in your organisation!

Ken Blanchard, in his "One Minute Manager" series proposes the same approach to Management - set written goals and then follow-through (praise when goals are achieved and reprimand when they are not).  Streamline as a Management tool allows for the goal (or task)-setting to take place with clear deadlines and measurement in place.

When we get this right, we believe that work flows and your business will grow.   Contact us now to help you with managing your time better and scheduling your tasks in a way that makes sense.